• Top fermented special light beer
  • Top fermented special light beer
  • Top fermented special light beer
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Bohemian Ale 4+2 Gift Edition

Top fermented special light beer

Give yourself and your closest friends and family a unique experience with our Bohemian Ale, and enjoy the strength of its fruity flavour with a pinch of zesty coriander in an original glass.

Before bottom-fermented beer began being brewed in what is now the Czech Republic, top-fermented wheat beer was the most common. With the advent of lager, this kind of beer gradually fell by the wayside and was almost forgotten; in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Ireland and England, however, it is still a part of everyday life. And now it is slowly making a comeback in the Czech Republic.

Spice up your day with top fermented special beer Bernard Bohemian Ale. The beer is bottle conditioned. Despite its 8.2 % alcohol has a fresh fruity scent, clean malty flavor with a pinch of spicy coriander and subtle warmth in the aftertaste.

Ale is a top-fermented beer made from barely. Its history goes all the way back to the Middle Ages, and a special kind of top-fermenting yeast is used to make it. Unlike bottom-fermenting yeast, top-fermenting yeast changes sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide at higher temperatures and at the same time gives beer a fruity taste. Furthermore, it is hardier to alcohol, which allows for a more thorough fermentation process and thereby a higher alcohol content.

Ingredients: water, barely malts, hop products, sugar, yeast, coriander

Bernard Bohemian Ale

ALC. 8.2 % BY VOL.

ALE 0.25 l Glass

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