On 26 October 1991, Stanislav Bernard, Josef Vávra and Rudolf Šmejkal bought the bankrupt Humpolec brewery at an auction under the “small privatisation” scheme. The dream of building a brewery that would not only brew honest Czech beer, but also have its own opinion began to come true. During the first ten years that followed the privatisation (the brewery was sold at five times its book value and was obsolete technologically), the brewery was literally fighting for its life.  Thanks to the quality of the beer, focus on customer service and gradual development of the brand, we made our dream a reality. BERNARD became a well-known and popular brand nationwide.


To distinguish our beer from the beers on the Czech market, we chose to make honest traditional unpasteurized beer, brewed with craftsmen skill from the best ingredients. Thanks to its traditional procedures, BERNARD beer is stands out for its harmony of fullness and bitterness. Since 2000, the brewery has been part of a join-stock company and in July of 2001, it increased its registered capital with the entry of strategic partners Duvel Moortgat from the Kingdom of Belgium.

The BERNARD Family brewery in Humpolec continues to grow, not only due to the success of its products. We are currently in the process of establishing an iconic brand, which you will be able to become familiar with not only throughout the Czech Republic, but also in many countries worldwide. The final statistics of 2016 exceeded 315 thsd. hl of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer and export to 35 countries.

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