Malt House

Originally established as a farming joint-stock company, operation began in 1872. In 1919, it burned down and was subsequently sold to Moravia. Moravia operated the house up until the second fire, which hit the malt house at the end of World War II. Production was not renewed until 1951. The malt house has its own source of utility water and a water purification plant, and is currently one of the last traditional malt houses in the Czech Republic. Quality malt barley is purchased in the Brno region, as well as from the Czech-Moravian highlands.

Bernard brewery - Malt house panorama

BERNARD Family Brewery bought the malt house in September 2000. It received a new name - The BERNARD Malt House. Today, it produces about 6,700 tons of pilsner type malt, partly processed by BERNARD Family Brewery in Humpolec for brewing its unpasteurized beer and partly sold to its business partners.

Czech beer has been an original and unmistakable term since the 18th century. Technological development and marketing strategy essentially influences its production. The approach is the most valuable. Manufacturers preserve the original production process and procedure, honed over the centuries, at the end of which is a cold glass of that beverage so typical for our nation: good ol' beer. The BERNARD malt house produces one of the most important ingredients for making beer (malt) in a traditionally way, which may be more time consuming, but it is best for the traditional Czech lager.

Malt house on the map